Monday, 15 May 2017

A Smudged Reflection

And he stood still in front of the mirror,
His eyes intoxicated –
Feet trembling beneath to stand upright;
Not able to sleep for several nights, he remained buried
Over the dense thoughts, hidden from the cruel world,
Eyes burdened with pain, blurred and immeasurable,
The ghoul of his mirror laughs at his anguish,
Seeping though the veins and ponder with his soul.

He sees her crimson eyes, penetrating the drape,
Reflecting an image, a hollow being; too late to be repentant,
Never had he ever tried to see his devastating self,
A shadow he has become of the past,
Followed and tortured –
And his destined roads became vague,
For guilt complimented the paths, persuaded by thriving pain,
Lost in silent thoughts, he grieved for what remained.

And in the silence of the night he hears her name,
The breeze blows to his ears, haunting him with memories,
Shattering the core; a fraction he always wished to erase –
Drowning in a sea of despair, he seeks a companion 
But no hands held him, no whispering consolation,
A strange feeling swept over, destroying the veil,
And he stood in front of the mirror, staring –  
For how long, he never knew…

1 comment:

  1. Awesome as always....but waiting for u to write something reflecting happiness not sorrows