Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Can We Say Goodbye?

And these strange infusion of emotions within the heart
Screams often, in one single beat of the pulse,
To a thought that travels somewhere back in time,
Where we met, the first time indeed;
A thought that had your soothing embrace
For greeting the long years of togetherness,
And a kiss to end the day, smiling all along,
Happy eyes fixed on the waving hand, a silent gesture,
And a wish within our hearts to meet again,
Yes! That was how we said goodbye.

Now with the flowing time and passing years
Some thoughts became memories, patterns end as desires,
People change; I know they do, for nothing is constant,
But never thought it would be you, as we finally meet once more,
Yet again these memories linger in the deepest corner of the mind
Conveying their regards to the new strangers;
For we passed by each other like there was nothing,
Eyes met just once, no smiles greeted, no soothing embrace,
Just a thought struck the maze, lost in the past days of broken ties,
Have we said our goodbyes?

Some stories have frozen so deep, so cold,
No flames could melt these painful ends –
A world of despair confines the shattered heart,
Because some “forever” never lasts;
And as you walked past me, a stranger, I see no expressions,
The charming face tell no tales now, just a blank vision,
As forsaken tears have paved a lonely cold presence,
And some memories have betaken the frailties  
For now there are no more tears left to cry,
Only a silent desire, for once, can we say our final goodbye?

1 comment:

  1. Soulful...!!!
    Seems you've open your heart out to us...!!!
    Respect brother...!!!
    Keep up the great work...!!!