Saturday, 4 July 2015

The Confinement

And there she sat weeping
In a cold, dark corner of the untidy room,
The drops of silent fear
Trickling down her swollen cheeks,
The pulse beating non-rhythmically
Her bruised eyes and purple black parts
Are unable to justify the immense pain;
Yes! He has done it again,
Like a thousand times before,
Adding another chapter to his broken promises
These abuses and beatings never ended for her,
More of a caged bird, she was
Like a mechanism of pleasure…
The first time, he laid hands on her,
She tried escaping,
But his deeds are more painful,
For she remembers the broken glass
That he used pierce her tender parts;
The day she had nearly died,
But lived to die a thousand deaths every day,
And since then after every abuse
She lay sitting in her dark confinement
Weeping, cursing to be born,
With just a will to survive,
To stand against her emotions
Just for once, not to be defeated within,
And break the confinement
Fly free like an unchained soul.