Wednesday, 12 November 2014

A Song Like No Other...

And there was a song I wrote for you,
A song like no other, no other than the songs
I sung to you, a song written with rhythmic beats
Of my heart, immense feelings and love,
Words borrowed from the depth
Of an ageless soul, remarks a life in lost memories.
And this song shall remain the last of me
For my words would come alive when I find you,
And I shall sing, the best of me, to the mere picture in my eyes,
An endowment for the beauty sculpted from my heart.

And when I found you amidst all impossibility
A smile ran through my lips,
A dazzling flash on my heart,
Alive were the words, enlightening my mind,
Cuddling me into an embrace, soul-to-soul,
A feeling; I had you alone, forever;
And as my lips touched yours,
You took my song away, on your breath,
Unsung on the lips, a wicked smile,
Humming as you walk along the wilderness…


  1. And the shadow remains in my memory forever

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  3. the ending is quite dramatic... least expected of a gripping love-tale. Very dramatic... wonderful choice of words... each word as if rings a bell and speaks volume about the intensity, ardour and passion with which love blossoms throughout...

  4. I think the best thing about your poetry is the simplicity of your language...proves that much can be said through simple words...Bookmarking your blog...please do post more!