Friday, 15 November 2013

"The Fall"

Walking down the alley
Where the wind blows, not gently,
Where trees shriek and leaves rustle
Struggling for a better stand,
More have faced the fierce strength
And scrambled beneath, a few yet remains,
Holding on to a far away dream,
A dream; in hope to change reality,
The pavement shaded in paleness
Of crushed, tangled and fallen leaves,
A pain; some unknown stranger to see,
Left bewildered of what has the place turned to be.

The poets no more speak of the beauty
As a raging fleet has turned up the time
For too many twigs clashes amongst self,
The season is dry,
Yet the wind howls fiercely
Roving away the bonded leaves,
Still and firm the trees
Try holding the beloved bonds,
Too eager for an alteration
For the rage edify, a stand against the wind,
It’s time; the season is changing, see;
Awake and raise a new place to be.