Friday, 25 October 2013

The Broken Prism

Confined within a small room
He silently weeps,
Tears rolling down the burning cheeks,
Mind riddled with fear,
Too weak to stand,
Fear of being lost, restrained to loneliness
He stays, born of pain,
Too scared of the darkness, he longs for light,
And deep within him the darkness grew
Tormenting the soul,
Burning him slowly,
For nothing reflects his true self,
As deep within him
Lay suppressed, a scorching monster.

And then finally he stands
His trembling knees now stronger,
Eyes frozen, mind empty,
Anger became his fuel to embark upon the pain,
He tries to see his reflection
For long, he has been hidden,
He couldn’t recall what he looked like,
For these days of darkness has to end,
The monster within revealing itself
In his eyes, the anger rose,
And he breaks the nightmare’s hold
For the first glimpse of light,
Leaving behind his confinement
Into an unknown world, he walks.