Wednesday, 25 September 2013

The Forged Identity

And he too painted his face
In shades of white and red,
Forgetting somewhere the enchanted grace
A smile for his ugly facade –  
Running after a dream
An empty frame of infamy,
For hate triumphed and reasons shed
The punishment of a sin;
For he build walls against his wishes
But nothing could fortify the fragile,
As he weeps deep within
Solely among his inner self,
A self he could no longer conceive
For he wears a mask to deceive
A shattered heart none could see;
And then he gulps down, the last drink,
Harnessing his fury, he gallops on his horse
To a far, a very far land,
Where he could easily cry
Far away from where no one could see,
Yet his soul suffers, urges a return,
Looking deep into his lonely heart, he sees,
A disgraceful life;
An instance he made of it,
And the rain comes falling down
Weakening the intoxication,
Revealing the real self, devastating the forged identity,
Fading away the fake smile gently…


  1. Why such a desire to escape from the realities of life??? Why is there so much of an anguished sense of depression, almost that of pessimism??? Nice juggling of words... Thoughts are ripe and mature...

  2. I know where this came from... but a brilliant mask indeed of someone I know

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