Friday, 2 August 2013

Shadow of the Forgotten

Been in the storm, a year too long,
Lonely and cold the wind blows,
The rain drops reminding of the conjured memories
Tormenting the bruised soul –

This night of incessant writhing downpours hatred
Of the love that once betrayed the heart
Shattered and ripped, a new wound gaped,
The bleeding never stops
For the wound has been sculpted over again;
And it seems there’s no escape
From this defying misery and pain,
Stuck in a maze of sadness
Where serenity never reigns,
As fate stares straight to the condemned darkness
And nothing left to forfeit the pain.

Living in a world of dreams where nothing exists
Except the numbness that plagues my mind,
The words fell on deaf ears
And not a pulse beats the same,
Dying slowly, day by day within,
Poisonous tears drowning your sin,
Beholding pieces of shattered frames
Conjuring into a turmoil of maddening bind,
Convicted in a prison of your thoughts
I shudder in a cocoon of hurtful remains,
Resign myself from this pain forever more
For once let me live and free my half dead soul.


  1. Utter pain, but glorified immensely! Let alone and live alone seems the mantra. Touches of autobiography, I guess. Prudently chosen words. Message well driven.

  2. donnon weather to say i luved it.. or to say that it was a pain to read this,.. but beautiful , sure it is. Can i know where is it cuming from? luv betrayal?