Saturday, 20 July 2013

Stained Reflection

Shattered in heart and trampled in spirit
Yet surviving the scorching of the soul,
Numbness plaguing the infinite mind
Into a prison, convicted within my own thoughts,
Screaming an outrage, a silent cry,
For nights hid my darkness and days condole,
A mockery so disgraceful;
“Who are you?” She demands,
A bulge; the reflection of your cruel mind,
Cold eyes and numb lips
Speaks of my silent existence,
For I see, yet I am vacant,
Suffocating; yet breathing,
Infiltrating into an edge unknown,
Stained tears, harder to erase,
No words to comfort, solemn loneliness,
Bruised and scarred in skin,
A new definition to your sin,
Into a sculpted road of turmoil and pain,
Chasing a love, never to regain,
And slowly slide further, an inevitable madness.

Saturday, 13 July 2013

The Scorching Soul

And here I lay in your arms forgotten,
Surviving each day, holding my breath,
A pulse in the heart,
Beating enough to keep me alive,
The tears don’t flow anymore,
No longer do I feel the pain,
Numb have I become,
Living in a veil of emptiness
Cocooned by a wall of silence,
Hiding beneath the mockery
Where I never reflect myself,
Burying the name among the ashes
That had burned me long,
A scream try escaping the cold lips
Breaking the nightmare’s hold,
Losing in the darkness of misty clouds
And the howls of the haunting wind
In a vain attempt to evade the misery
I seal the reasons that often linger,
Yet again I come to you
To hear the words,
“Still not enough”, I tried,
Much more, more than what I am,
Dying for a place in your heart,
A place where I will never belong…