Friday, 15 November 2013

"The Fall"

Walking down the alley
Where the wind blows, not gently,
Where trees shriek and leaves rustle
Struggling for a better stand,
More have faced the fierce strength
And scrambled beneath, a few yet remains,
Holding on to a far away dream,
A dream; in hope to change reality,
The pavement shaded in paleness
Of crushed, tangled and fallen leaves,
A pain; some unknown stranger to see,
Left bewildered of what has the place turned to be.

The poets no more speak of the beauty
As a raging fleet has turned up the time
For too many twigs clashes amongst self,
The season is dry,
Yet the wind howls fiercely
Roving away the bonded leaves,
Still and firm the trees
Try holding the beloved bonds,
Too eager for an alteration
For the rage edify, a stand against the wind,
It’s time; the season is changing, see;
Awake and raise a new place to be.

Friday, 25 October 2013

The Broken Prism

Confined within a small room
He silently weeps,
Tears rolling down the burning cheeks,
Mind riddled with fear,
Too weak to stand,
Fear of being lost, restrained to loneliness
He stays, born of pain,
Too scared of the darkness, he longs for light,
And deep within him the darkness grew
Tormenting the soul,
Burning him slowly,
For nothing reflects his true self,
As deep within him
Lay suppressed, a scorching monster.

And then finally he stands
His trembling knees now stronger,
Eyes frozen, mind empty,
Anger became his fuel to embark upon the pain,
He tries to see his reflection
For long, he has been hidden,
He couldn’t recall what he looked like,
For these days of darkness has to end,
The monster within revealing itself
In his eyes, the anger rose,
And he breaks the nightmare’s hold
For the first glimpse of light,
Leaving behind his confinement
Into an unknown world, he walks.

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

The Forged Identity

And he too painted his face
In shades of white and red,
Forgetting somewhere the enchanted grace
A smile for his ugly facade –  
Running after a dream
An empty frame of infamy,
For hate triumphed and reasons shed
The punishment of a sin;
For he build walls against his wishes
But nothing could fortify the fragile,
As he weeps deep within
Solely among his inner self,
A self he could no longer conceive
For he wears a mask to deceive
A shattered heart none could see;
And then he gulps down, the last drink,
Harnessing his fury, he gallops on his horse
To a far, a very far land,
Where he could easily cry
Far away from where no one could see,
Yet his soul suffers, urges a return,
Looking deep into his lonely heart, he sees,
A disgraceful life;
An instance he made of it,
And the rain comes falling down
Weakening the intoxication,
Revealing the real self, devastating the forged identity,
Fading away the fake smile gently…

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Heart of Stone

And they say he sculpted his heart out of stone,
A stone, he became on rage,
A rage born of an unrequited love,
Shattered and dismantled picture frame remains,
Misery and pain of an undaunted age,
Where silent screams conserve
Into a shadow, hatred defies kind domains.

Trapped among the thick mist of sadness
And blinded by the dusk of his past
He wanders, a lost soul,
The tears have been frozen
And the wound no longer bleeds,
For all that he was left with scatter within
Remain broken and betrayed.

Holding on to a dream,
The echo of a long forgotten memory clings
To his blank vision and deaf icy ears,
Emotionless he walks towards the darkness
For the shadow of the forgotten
Had built the pain inside his heart
That slowly has been ripped apart.

Left alone in his thoughts and sorrow
To be a fraction of the lost,
He outrageously craved a new self,
A self he was never meant to be,  
Destined to be a part of the rock
He hammered one to be his own part
Solely convict love within a stone heart.

Friday, 2 August 2013

Shadow of the Forgotten

Been in the storm, a year too long,
Lonely and cold the wind blows,
The rain drops reminding of the conjured memories
Tormenting the bruised soul –

This night of incessant writhing downpours hatred
Of the love that once betrayed the heart
Shattered and ripped, a new wound gaped,
The bleeding never stops
For the wound has been sculpted over again;
And it seems there’s no escape
From this defying misery and pain,
Stuck in a maze of sadness
Where serenity never reigns,
As fate stares straight to the condemned darkness
And nothing left to forfeit the pain.

Living in a world of dreams where nothing exists
Except the numbness that plagues my mind,
The words fell on deaf ears
And not a pulse beats the same,
Dying slowly, day by day within,
Poisonous tears drowning your sin,
Beholding pieces of shattered frames
Conjuring into a turmoil of maddening bind,
Convicted in a prison of your thoughts
I shudder in a cocoon of hurtful remains,
Resign myself from this pain forever more
For once let me live and free my half dead soul.