Wednesday, 18 April 2018

I Once Knew a Poet

I once knew a poet, shy and silent, 
But every night he would turn unvoiced words into verses –
Words that he never uttered, words filled with pain,
For a world that he belonged, soulfully disgrace,
Shading an imprint on his heart, he conquered a rage,
The same rage made him submerge into the depth
And bleed out ink on papers, composing soulful verses,
Pouring his heart in colourful array of words,
Masquerading his shyness and firming the frailties
He wrote innumerable pieces, creating an illusion of himself,
And in a thriving attempt, he pretence vibrant display of expressions,
For the world doesn’t know the dreams his soul hinders,
Whirled into untold thoughts, dark and endless –
Left behind memories consume; an easier death to caress.  

I now know a poet, alone and deathless,
For he wasn’t born, crave for words made him a poet, 
And now he wanders on lost dark alleys
Hiding behind disguises of shameful masks,
For he painted the world with charming verses
Emerging from darker shades of thoughts,
A poet celebrated widely, yet on colder nights, he’s alone,
For he holds onto aching feelings and unending cursed things,
Things that reflects destined pain, harder to erase –
Remnants of shattered memoirs and fragments of broken trusts,
For he created a barrier, a cocoon that nurtures his imperfection,
Wounds that lay deeper in the soul, feeds his heart slowly,
And he scribbles on the roughness of the paper with soothing pain
Sculpted divine images and attach new emotions to his deathless name.

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

The Final Embrace

And he tried holding her in a tight embrace –
With a hope, hold on the remnants of his shattered heart,
For a moment time paused, but his mind raced ahead,
To a life, lonesome and deathless, he thought;
Lightning pierced through his body, the sky roared,
He wanted to scream out the pain, but numbness triumphed,
The rains poured down heavily, paving an imprint on his eyes,
And he falls on his knees, lost and dismantled, the embrace broke,
A thousand deaths he died the moment she left, a lonely soul again,
He craved for calmness, an easier death, burdened by the unending pain.

And as she walked ahead, leaving him behind, shattered –
She couldn’t say the words of her broken soul
For she cried inside her heart, a pain unseen,
The rain shading her tears, a perfect cover of the endless struggle,
A promise she made to her kin, a life away from him,
An end to what she started and nothing could wash away her sins,
The final embrace she desired to last forever, a part of her share,
Unyielding to the bleak figure left behind, she wiped her tears dry,
And deathless she walked, wishing for an easier way to die,
For in the murmur of the winds, she whispered her final goodbye.

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

And She Asks…

He turned back unconsciously, the touch so warm,
Only to be besieged in her parched eyes,
Devoid of dreams and desires, he gazes her –
Bony limbs and tattered attire, tell a soulful tale,
Tanned to the core, for the scorching heat never forgives,
And the uncombed rusted hair, condemns her innocent face,
For she walks bare feet through all the changing seasons
Deprived of amenities, she extends her hands and asks…

He stared at her for long, mind full of thoughts,
Looking intently at her ragged outfit, he empathizes
Her existence, a test of survival,
For a harsh and cruel life, unpleasant social practices,
Hatred and misery, awaits this young street dweller;
No mercy to be shown, for not being a noble born,
A taint to the world of the dignified,
For her existence is questioned by all.

A childhood devoured by the shelter-less world,
Turning her refuge into a dark confinement; 
And she stretches out her tiny arms,
Apparently reflecting her urge for a morsel,
A crumb of bread, a fragment of affection, something –
Something to enlighten her heart with, an act of humanity,
A reply for all her questions she had ever asked,
An identity she searches for, a question she asks…

Monday, 15 May 2017

A Smudged Reflection

And he stood still in front of the mirror,
His eyes intoxicated –
Feet trembling beneath to stand upright;
Not able to sleep for several nights, he remained buried
Over the dense thoughts, hidden from the cruel world,
Eyes burdened with pain, blurred and immeasurable,
The ghoul of his mirror laughs at his anguish,
Seeping though the veins and ponder with his soul.

He sees her crimson eyes, penetrating the drape,
Reflecting an image, a hollow being; too late to be repentant,
Never had he ever tried to see his devastating self,
A shadow he has become of the past,
Followed and tortured –
And his destined roads became vague,
For guilt complimented the paths, persuaded by thriving pain,
Lost in silent thoughts, he grieved for what remained.

And in the silence of the night he hears her name,
The breeze blows to his ears, haunting him with memories,
Shattering the core; a fraction he always wished to erase –
Drowning in a sea of despair, he seeks a companion 
But no hands held him, no whispering consolation,
A strange feeling swept over, destroying the veil,
And he stood in front of the mirror, staring –  
For how long, he never knew…

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Can We Say Goodbye?

And these strange infusion of emotions within the heart
Screams often, in one single beat of the pulse,
To a thought that travels somewhere back in time,
Where we met, the first time indeed;
A thought that had your soothing embrace
For greeting the long years of togetherness,
And a kiss to end the day, smiling all along,
Happy eyes fixed on the waving hand, a silent gesture,
And a wish within our hearts to meet again,
Yes! That was how we said goodbye.

Now with the flowing time and passing years
Some thoughts became memories, patterns end as desires,
People change; I know they do, for nothing is constant,
But never thought it would be you, as we finally meet once more,
Yet again these memories linger in the deepest corner of the mind
Conveying their regards to the new strangers;
For we passed by each other like there was nothing,
Eyes met just once, no smiles greeted, no soothing embrace,
Just a thought struck the maze, lost in the past days of broken ties,
Have we said our goodbyes?

Some stories have frozen so deep, so cold,
No flames could melt these painful ends –
A world of despair confines the shattered heart,
Because some “forever” never lasts;
And as you walked past me, a stranger, I see no expressions,
The charming face tell no tales now, just a blank vision,
As forsaken tears have paved a lonely cold presence,
And some memories have betaken the frailties  
For now there are no more tears left to cry,
Only a silent desire, for once, can we say our final goodbye?